Scott Brannan

Cost Savings

Process Improvements

TRWProject at TRW….Working with one of the engineering team Scott estimated moving the steering rack ball nut from a machined from solid part to a Hatebur hot forging and light machining.Reducing the overall cost of €1 which equated to a total project saving of €14million

A380 ductThis is a duct for filling fuel into fighter aircraft wings.We were able to save £60 on each component by eliminating an X ray rework look within the process. This was uncovered after doing value stream mapping of the part and making a cost estimate saving of £240.000.



Typical three way valve that was estimated and negotiated. Total saving on all EV HVAC valves £21M lifetime on Dyson project.



EV Capacitor

Electric Vehicle Capacitor was dismantled and component estimates were prepared  prior to a negotiation with a supplier. Resultant saving £80 million lifetime

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